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Play 29 Gold card game offline apk game

Play 29 Gold card game offline apk game
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Play 29 Gold Card Games Offline

Offline mode:

You don’t need the internet to play this game. You can play anywhere and anytime!
Can play any phone and screen size game.
Suitable for players of all levels of sports
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Is a South Asian trick-taking card game. Twenty-nine is usually a four-player game with two partnerships. Partners face each other during the game. The game uses only 32 cards of the standard 52-card deck, 8 cards per suit. The cards are classified as: J (high), 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8, 7 (low).

The values ​​of the cards are as follows:

Jacques: 3 points
Nines: 2 points
Aces: 1 point
Tens: 1 point
K, Q, 8, 7: 0 points
This gives a total of 28 points. Some variations have a total of 29 points for the last movie, as it got its name. However, the game is not usually played that way and the name is still retained.

Deal and bid

Dell and gameplay go to the left. The dealer shuffles the deck and the player cuts it to his right. Each player receives four cards, one at a time, face down.
Depending on the cards in hand, players make bids to select Trump. Bid is a number that represents the number of tricks a person believes he or she can share. The highest bidder wins. Bids begin with the player to the left of the dealer and go to the left. Players can raise bids or pass. The winner of the bid chooses the Trump suit. The dealer gives 4 more cards to each player. Each player now has 8 cards.

the game

The first track starts with the player to the left of the dealer. Every player should follow it if they can. At the moment, the Trump suit is unknown to all other players. The first player who is unable to follow suit will have to ask the bidder what the Trump suit is and they will have to show everyone the Trump suit. However, if the first bidder is unable to pursue the lawsuit, he should tell everyone what Trump’s suit is. Once Trump is named the most expensive card in the suit that wins the trick played, if no Trump card is played, it is the most expensive card in the suit’s lead.
In the event, that the bidder or their partner declares that they have a pair, as long as their bid stays above the minimum of 15 points, their bid is reduced to four. However, if the other partner has a pair, it increases the bid to 4, unless it exceeds 28.


After adopting all 8 tricks, contributions become the total value of the cards they have won. Winners of the last move add one extra point to their total. If the bidding partnership fulfilled its contract by taking the required number of tricks, they won a game point. If not, they lose a game point. The second set of partner scores is permanent.
The red and black sixes are used to maintain the score. The red six (groove or red wheel) shows a positive score and the black six shows a negative score which it indicates the number of pips. In the beginning, there are no pips in every partnership. Pips are revealed when players lose or gain points. The game can end in one of two ways: a team has +6 points or a team has -6 points.

Our 29 (29) Gold has excellent AI (BOT) and smooth gameplay. 29 Enjoy the card game. We are working daily to improve the games. If you find any bugs or want any features, please give us a review or visit [email protected]

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Play 29 Gold card game offline apk game
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